LJ Cohen

Ithaka Rising: Halcyone Space, book 2

A derelict ship and a splintered crew are not the rewards Ro had hoped for when she helped disrupt her father's plans to start a war with smuggled weapons. But with the responsibilities of full Commonwealth citizenship and limited resources, she is forced to take her father's place working as an engineer on Daedalus station while she and Barre try to repair their damaged freighter, Halcyone. Barre's brother, Jem, is struggling with the disabling effects of his head injury, unable to read or code. His only hope is to obtain a neural implant, but the specialists determine he is too young and his brain damage too extensive.


When Jem disappears, his trail dead ends at the black market. Ro and Barre race to find Jem before he sells his future, risking his mind for an illegal neural implant. But they're not the only ones looking for "The Underworld" and its rogue planet, Ithaka. What they find endangers more than just the three of them and forces them to confront a very different truth about the war they believed was ancient history.

The adventure continues in book 3, Dreadnought And Shuttle

  • Science Fiction/Space Opera/YA (companion novel to Derelict)
  • available in trade paperback and eBook editions
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  • "When a rocket engine ignites, it doesn't look like much happens. The rocket barely seems to move and then it's going. The relentless pressure of the exhaust propels it faster and faster until it reaches orbital velocity.

    Ithaka Rising feels like it starts slowly. As the story unfolds and the pieces come together, the inexorable pressure of fine story telling, smooth characters, and compelling action rocket the reader into jump space where anything can - and probably will - happen."

    --Nathan Lowell, Creator of the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper and the Tanyth Fairport Adventures.

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